What’s so Freaking Good About Moss Anyway?

What’s so Freaking Good About Moss Anyway?

When I tell people I’ve had more than 50 jobs I sometimes wonder if they believe me, but it’s true. Life is too short to waste doing things you hate, so if a job started to annoy me or got me down I moved on. Even if I didn’t have another job to move on to. I just quit and worried about the details later.

When you change your employment often you quickly become multi-skilled and don’t get fixated on the idea that you can only do a particular kind of job.  I’ve learned to do lots of different things. When I was younger my mother used to scold me and say, “A rolling stone gathers no moss, Stephen.” I didn’t get it. Who wants to spend their life covered in moss? Not me, so I just kept rolling. I’ve never stayed with any employer for more than three years.

Now I’m a freelance writer and I have clients instead of employers. They are the boss in a way, but I get to choose when and where I work and there is nobody looking over my shoulder. The other great thing about being a writer is it’s compatible with a digital nomad lifestyle. If I’ve got somewhere I can plug-in my computer, and an internet connection, I can work—isn’t that cool?

The bad thing about being a freelance writer is your income can fluctuate a lot and may suddenly disappear. And forget about holiday pay. If you want to take time off you need to live on your savings and hope your clients don’t find replacement who is cheaper and better than you on the days you are not producing content for them. The other alternative is to forgo taking holidays as such and find plenty of interesting things to do during your less busy periods. Like all things in life it is a case of taking the rough with the smooth, and a life without moss can be quite liberating.

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