FlixBus Takes Over MegaBus

FlixBus Takes Over MegaBus

I got an email this morning. It said FlixBus has taken over MegaBus. “The Networks are Unified”, it proclaimed, “Book now all Megabus routes on the FlixBus website!”

I’ve used Megabus a few times. The last time was when I travelled from Barcelona to Amsterdam and the price was not bad at all. I haven’t used FlixBus yet, but the company has some good travel deals. In fact, it’s usually possible to take a FlixBus from Eindhoven to Groeningen for just €5. That’s a journey I’ve been considering making for some time and I will probably do so later in the year.

FlixBus has only been in business since 2011, and it’s expanding fast. Earlier this month the company announced it had bought out its German competitor Postbus. It’s good to see a company that is doing so well, but I cannot help but ask myself how good this is likely to be for passengers in the long-term. On the one hand, the fact that FlixBus has taken over two of its rivals should enable easier bus travel between a greater number of European cities, but will the prices continue to be so cheap? I hope so, but only time will tell.

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