Taking a Break from the Cold Winter Weather

Taking a Break from the Cold Winter Weather

I returned to Seville yesterday morning. It’s the first time I’ve been back in two years and it was raining. It was also pretty cold. Not much warmer than the Netherlands in fact, but the temperature is likely to get up to a high of around 20 degrees later in the week so I’m hoping to enjoy a short reprieve from the cold winter weather.

Although I am counting this as a holiday, it’s really just a more of the same in another location because I still have work to do for clients and will probably be writing most days. I’m hoping to publish a few more entries on this blog as well and post some videos to my YouTube channel, but there are only so many hours in the day. I plan to visit a few flamenco shows, go to my favorite Seville bars, and hopefully find some new favorites too, so I may not have much time for anything else.

The picture shows the Torre del Oro (right) and the Guadalquivir river. The weather was quite nice today and a number of couples were salsa dancing just below the tower.

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