I’m Always On Holiday, Even Though I’m Always Working

I’m a free spirit and I live my life very differently to most people. In some ways, every day of my life feels like a holiday because I left the UK behind two years ago, live in the land of my choice, and always have plenty of options for things to see and do. I have to work hard though. I write nearly every day and also work four days per week in a warehouse because, although I can live on the money I make writing, I don’t make enough to allow me to spend a lot on recreational activities. The fact that I get a weekly wage, along with the money I make from writing, improves the quality of my life and I have never had things so good. Unfortunately, although it’s easy to take time off from the warehouse, taking a holiday from my freelance writing business is a different matter.

When I went back to Seville a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post stating some of the things I planned to do if I wasn’t too busy writing. As it turned out, a client sent me a list of articles and marked them as urgent, so there were a few days when I was spending seven or eight hours a day sitting in a hostel dorm and writing. I tended to get up at 10:30 am and go and buy a sandwich from a local supermarket. I ate it in one of the plazas, then went and had a tuti-fruti icecream. After that I usually went to Costa Coffee or Starbucks, bought a large coffee and sat outside in the sun to drink it. Then it was a case of returning to the hostel and getting down to work. I wrote until 7-8pm and then went to some bars and stayed out until around 4 am.

However, when the urgent stuff was out of the way I had a little more time for exploring the city. I also took the train to Cadiz and stayed overnight. It was my first time in Cadiz and it was really nice to spend a little time near the sea.

A "Working" Holiday in Cadiz
I’m now back in the Netherlands and, despite the cold weather, it’s good to be home.

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