It’s Been a Taxing Day, But Not a Productive One

Dear Travel Diary,

I haven’t been very productive today. Instead of writing, I had to spend some time working on my Dutch tax return. Thankfully, I was able to do it online, but it was not a task that I could rush. I’ve also spent some time trying to figure out where I am going next and arranging accommodation. I was originally planning on spending a month in the Algarve, but the only reasonably-priced rooms I could find were hostel dormitories and that’s not what I want. When I’m in a hostel I find it too hard to find a quiet place to write. I also like to have my privacy and that’s no easy to do when you’re sharing a dormitory with several other people.

What I’ve decided to do is go back to Spain for a month instead. I’m hoping to go to Granada, but have to wait for an email confirming the booking has been accepted. I’ll be travelling by train, so it will be a long journey. I’ve decided not to do it all in one day. When I leave here I’m going to take the train to Faro, stay there two nights, and then continue the rest of my journey by train. In the time between the two train journey’s, I’m hoping to do a little exploring. I pulled up some pictures on Google and Faro appears to be a very beautiful place. It may be a good idea if I take advantage of the chance to walk on the beach while I still can. There are no beaches near Granada, it’s up in the mountains, and I’m not sure where I will be going after I leave there. Possibly Ukraine, but I’m not sure if it will have warmed up enough by then. I’m getting used to the feel of the sun on my face. I don’t feel like going anywhere cold.

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