The Temperature in Granada Just Got Hotter

The Temperature in Granada Just Got Hotter

Dear Travel Diary,

A week ago I was wondering if I would be able to handle it when the temperature in Granada reached 40 degrees. It’s 42 degrees now and I love it. When I stepped outside today and felt the sun hitting my body it was like a big warm caress. I never use sunscreen and am surprised by the fact that I have not suffered from sunburn at all. When I was in Portugal and spent the day writing from the terrace, my skin turned a little red at first, but there was no discomfort or peeling of the skin. Now I’m in Spain, the temperature in Granada is getting hotter and my skin has a healthy-looking tan. Back in England, If I spent to much time in that cruel, British sun (all 20 degrees of it), I used to get sunburned. I have no idea why things are different now. My body just seems to have adapted. It’s as simple as that. But how will I handle 50 degrees? I’m actually very keen to find out so, after Granada I think I should go somewhere that’s hotter still.

The strange thing is, I went to Dunkin Donuts today for a coffee. Normally I sit outside, but today I decided to do things differently and remain inside. The air-conditioning in Dunkin Donuts is extremely good. It was cool, to say the least. I was probably in there for 30 minutes or so and when I went outside and the warm breeze hit me, it was a sensation similar to what you get when you open an oven door and get an unexpected blast of heat. It felt hotter than it did before I went inside. Much hotter. But, when I looked at the temperature displayed on a nearby road sign, it was still only 42 degrees. There’s probably a lesson there. In fact, I’m sure there is, and I’m going to avoid spending time in places that are overly-cool inside. It seems to muck-up my new conditioning.

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