Mondéjar a Spanish Gem the Average Tourist Is Unlikely to Discover

Mondéjar a Spanish Gem the Average Tourist Is Unlikely to Discover

I’ve been in Mondéjar for a week now, and what a beautiful and unusual place it is! I’m very glad I came.

One of the most amazing things about the area is the difference in the landscape. If you go walking in one direction, you get to lovely open countryside with lots of golden fields.

Fantastic View of Cornfields at Mondéjar, Spain

When you go walking in the other direction, you find yourself in quite mountainous landscape. It’s amazing how different it is. One day when I was walking through some of the rougher terrain I got the shock of my life when some mountain goats broke cover and shot up the side of the hill.

Rough Terrain in Spain (Hey! That Rhymes!)As for the town, it’s quite small. It only has one supermarket, though there are, of course, a few bazaars and convenience stores. There are also several cash machines to choose from and a number of restaurants and bars. I’ve been told people from the neighbouring towns often come to Mondéjar for the things that they need.

As is often the case in Spain, the supermarket is not open on Sundays, but one of the smaller convenience stores is. So if you forget to get in extra groceries on a Saturday it’s not a big problem.

When I made the decision to return to Spain for a while I had no bias over the actual location. I just wanted to be back in Spain. However, as is always the case, the cost of accommodation was a major consideration. The room I’m presently renting in Mondéjar is only costing me around €230 for the month. I’m happy with that. The room is in a lovely house with nice people and I have a fantastic space to sit and write.

I did have the option of a few other cheap rooms in Spain, but the one in Mondéjar was the one I liked best so that’s the one I booked. It was a good decision. I’m happy that I did.

Map from Madrid

Although Mondéjar is only around 60 km from Madrid, the average tourist is unlikely to even discover the town exists. That’s unfortunate because it’s quite an interesting place that has a lot to see and do. It could be the perfect day-trip destination for anyone hoping the escape the big-city hustle and bustle and enjoy a quieter slice of Spanish life.

Street in Mondéjar, SpainTravel bloggers and other writers flock to Madrid and share their thoughts and experiences about all the places tourists are meant to go. All of them are writing about exactly the same things. There’s so much information available about Madrid, I couldn’t hope to add anything useful. Mondéjar is a different matter. There is a little information available online, but most of it is written in Spanish.

So, here I am, in a great little town that nobody is writing about—not in English anyway. While I’m here it makes sense to write a few articles about Mondéjar. There probably won’t be many readers because not many people will be looking for information about things to see and do in Mondéjar. However, the information I do share should be useful to those who do have this destination in mind.

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