A Week in Barcelona

The Agbar Tower at NightI’ve been in Barcelona for a week. The weather is a little colder than in Seville and it’s been quite cloudy. I haven’t seen as much of the city as I would have liked, but it wasn’t the weather that stopped me. One of my clients ordered more articles than normal and I needed to get them written and in a timely fashion. I visited the beach, though, and got a close look at the Agbar Tower.

This morning I went to the park and saw green birds, that would be kept as pets in England, living in the wild and mingling with the local pigeon population.

One of the most beautiful sights I saw here in Barcelona was the Plaza de España. I went on Saturday night and climbed the steps to a big building high above the Plaza. It may have been a university or perhaps a library. The truth is I cannot remember, but the view was fantastic. I snapped a few photos, but they failed to do it justice so I won’t bother sharing them.

I would have liked to return to the Plaza de España and see what it looked like in daylight, but I didn’t have time. It’s too late now because I’m going back to the Netherlands tomorrow and it will be a long trip because I’ll be travelling by bus.

Birds in Barcelona

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